April Skouris
Continuity: The 4400
Type: Minor character
Gender: Female
Race: Human
Location: Seattle, Washington
Known relatives: Diana Skouris (sister)
Maia Rutledge (adoptive niece)
Status: Alive
Born: 1970 (approx) [1]
First: "Voices Carry"
Final: "The Truth and Nothing But the Truth"
Actor: Natasha Gregson Wagner

April Skouris is a recurring minor character featured in the USA Network television series The 4400. She is played by actress Natasha Gregson Wagner and was introduced in the second episode of season two, "Voices Carry". The character made nine appearances in the series in total.

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April Skouris was the younger and less trustworthy sister of CDC agent Diana Skouris. April was one of the second generation of characters to receive superhuman abilities thanks to a synthetic drug known as Promicin. April had the ability to instantly detect whenever someone was lying.

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April Skouris was a human lie detector and could instantly determine whether an individual whom she was speaking to was being dishonest.

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  1. Date is approximated based upon the age of actress Natasha Gregson Wagner.