The Andromeda Breakthrough
Andromeda Breakthrough (novelization)
Publisher's info
Title: The Andromeda Breakthrough
Author: Fred Hoyle
John Elliot
Publisher: Souvenir Press
ISBN: 0060804718
Previous: A for Andromeda

Andromeda Breakthrough is the official adaptation of the 1962 The Andromeda Breakthrough television series.

Synopsis Edit

Renegade scientist John Fleming and the computer-generated clone known as Andromeda survive their apparent demise in an underground pool and take shelter on an island off the Scottish coast.

The British Ministry of Defence learns that John Fleming and Andromeda are still alive and are hiding out in the Western Isles. They actively hunt them down for destroying the supercomputer at Thorness.

Meanwhile, the Intel Trading Consortium likewise wants to get their hands on the rogue scientists. They are in the process of constructing their own supercomputer in the Middle Eastern country of Azaran.

Strange shifts in weather patterns begin to develop all across the world. In concert, Andromeda begins to grow ill. Meanwhile, Kaufmann and the Intel Corporation kidnap scientists John Fleming and Madeleine Dawnay as well as Andromeda. They want them to work for their trading consortium. Elsewhere in Azaran, construction is completed on a second supercomputer, similar to the previous computer used at Thorness.

Colonel Salim launches a military coup in Azaran. It is financially backed by the corrupt Intel Trading Consortium. Andromeda's condition worsens and she contacts Intel agent Mademoiselle Gamboule and compels her to the new supercomputer. Andromeda wants to determine the true nature of the message from outer space.

Adverse weather patterns continue to intensify as an alien enzyme causes the oxygen levels in the atmosphere to grow thinner. This is the computer program's ultimate agenda: to conquer humanity by depriving them of the air they need to breathe. The administrators at the Intel Corporation force Doctors John Fleming, Madeleine Dawnay and Andromeda to come up with a solution to this global problem.

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  • A paperback edition of Andromeda Breakthrough was published by Corgi in 1966.
  • Re-issued by HarperCollins Publishers in October of 1979.

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