Series The Andromeda Breakthrough
Season 1, Episode 5
Air date July 26th, 1962
Writers John Elliot
Fred Hoyle
Director John Elliot
Producers John Elliot
Starring Peter Halliday; Susan Hampshire; Mary Morris; Noel Johnson; John Hollis
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"Hurricane" is the fifth episode of The Andromeda Breakthrough and first aired on the BBC on July 26th, 1962.

Synopsis Edit

Adverse weather patterns continue to intensify as an alien enzyme causes the oxygen levels in the atmosphere to grow thinner. This is the computer program's ultimate agenda: to conquer humanity by depriving them of the air they need to breathe. The administrators at the Intel Corporation force Doctors John Fleming, Madeleine Dawnay and Andromeda to come up with a solution to this global problem.

Cast Edit

Peter Halliday Doctor John Fleming
Susan Hampshire Andromeda
Noel Johnson J.M. Osborne
Mary Morris Madeleine Dawnay
John Hollis Kaufmann
Maurice Hedley Prime Minister
David Saire Abu Zeki
Heather Emmanuel Nurse
Walter Gotell Professor Nielson
Frank Henderson PM's secretary
Norman Scace Ratcliff
Michael Jacques Intel agent
Rifat Shenel Aircrew
Nasser Bin Yaqoob Aircrew
Earl Cameron Yusel
Jean Robinson Lemka
Tony Cyrus Corporal
Claude Farell Mademoiselle Gamboule
David King Burdett
Miki Iveria Lemka's mother

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