Azaran Forecast
Series The Andromeda Breakthrough
Season 1, Episode 3
Air date July 12th, 1962
Writers John Elliot
Fred Hoyle
Director John Elliot
Producers John Elliot
Starring Peter Halliday; Susan Hampshire; Mary Morris; Noel Johnson; John Hollis
Episode guide
"Gale Warning"
"Storm Centres"

"Azaran Forecast" is the third episode of The Andromeda Breakthrough and first aired on the BBC on July 12th, 1962.

Synopsis Edit

Strange shifts in weather patterns begin to develop all across the world. In concert, Andromeda begins to grow ill. Meanwhile, Kaufmann and the Intel Corporation kidnap scientists John Fleming and Madeleine Dawnay as well as Andromeda. They want them to work for their trading consortium. Elsewhere in Azaran, construction is completed on a second supercomputer, similar to the previous computer used at Thorness.

Cast Edit

Peter Halliday Doctor John Fleming
Susan Hampshire Andromeda
Mary Morris Madeleine Dawnay
Noel Johnson J.M. Osborne
John Hollis Kaufmann
Assad Obeid Corporal
Harry Tardios Doctor
Arnold Yarrow The President of Azaran
Claude Farell Mademoiselle Gamboule
David Saire Abu Zeki
Robert Yearwood Boy
Heather Emmanuel Nurse
Philip Latham Osborne's P.A.
David King Burdett
Jeffrey Gardiner Burdett's P.A.
Barry Linehan Colonel Salim
Nick Antony Officer

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