Aliases: Head Councilman Althon
Continuity: Star Wars
Type: Politician
Gender: Male
Race: Human
Base of operations: Dodz
Status: Alive
1st appearance: Star Wars: Droids, Volume 1 #1

Althon was a character featured in the comic book series Star Wars: Droids. He is considered an "s-canon" character as his existence predates any consistent effort to maintain continuity within the Star Wars Universe.

Biography Edit

Althon was the head councilman of the City Council of Dodz. Several years prior to the Battle of Yavin, the reigning political body on Dodz was under the sway of a corrupt official known as Kugg. Through the use of his Destroyer droid, Kugg was able to coerce the decisions of the council through an edict of fear. Althon and his fellow councilers tried to resist Kugg's efforts, but when they voiced their displeasure, Kugg had his robot tear down a wall in the council chambers as a show of force. A young boy named Jost Ellon came to Althon and presented him with his own droid, an outdated model known as the Ranger X-One. Jost wanted the Ranger to fight the Destroyer and hopefully destroy it. Althon didn't have faith in the Ranger's abilities and warned Jost to get ride of the "relic". Fearful of Kugg and his Destroyer, Althon and the other city council members presented the greedy politician with the increased revenue that he demanded from the locals. Jost was undeterred however and sent his Ranger to face the Destroyer. The Ranger succeeded in his task and Althon arrested Governor Kugg. [1]

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