Alien Intruder
Alien Intruder
Title: Alien Intruder
Directed by: Ricardo Jacques Galé
Written by: Nick Stone
Produced by: Joseph Mrhi; Richard Pepin; Charla Driver; Stephen Lieb
Music by: Miriam Cutler
Cinematography: Michael Pinkey
Edited by: Ron Cabreros; Lorne Morris; Paul Volk; Peter Volk
Distributed by: PM Entertainment Group
Released: February 24th, 1993
Running time: 120 min.
Country: USA
Language: English
Budget: Unknown
Gross: N/A

Alien Intruder is a low-budget American science fiction film directed by Ricardo Jacques Galé and produced by the PM Entertainment Group. It was released direct-to-video on February 24th, 1993. The film is set in the year 2022 and stars Billy Dee Williams as Commander Skyler, who is in charge of a group of hardened criminals sentenced to life in prison. He assigns them a mission to venture into the uncharted regions of deep space to salvage a lost ship. As an added incentive for accepting such a dangerous mission, the convicts are given the opportunity to spend their weekends in a virtual reality world where they can live out their sexual fantasies with any woman they choose. However, a woman named Ariel (played by Babylon 5 's Tracy Scoggins), who is not part of the program appears inside of it begins seducing the convicts after killing off all of the other virtual women. When she begins to appear outside the program, tensions run high and the men quickly begin to turn on one another.

Cast Edit

Actor Role
Maxwell Caulfield Nick
Tracy Scoggins Ariel
Billy Dee Williams Commander Skyler
Gary Roberts Lloyd
Richard Cody D.J.
Stephen Davies Peter
Jeff Conaway Borman
Michael Delano Captain Loring
Shano Palovich Warden O'Neil
Charles Young Frank
Rod Britt Leo
Milton James Captain Lubert
Joe Durrenberger Marlon
Gwen Somers Annie
Melinda Armstrong Tammy
Andrianne Sachs Yvonne
Kevin Lowe Crewman
Bill Zuckert Rudy
Robert Dryer Turk
Jane Hamilton Turk's mama
Lauren Hays Roni

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  • Known in Spain as Alien Exterminator.

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