Includes a list of characters, actors and production crew members whose first names are Alice.

Resident Evil Edit

Alice - Resident Evil 001

Alice Abernathy was a member of the Central Security Administration division of the Umbrella Corporation, based out of Raccoon City. Aware of the company's more unscrupulous activities, Alice sought to expose their activities to the mass media. To accomplish this, she conspired with a research scientist named Lisa Addison, who worked at an underground complex known as the Hive, who was involved in the creation of a biological agent known as the T-Virus.

As part of her professional identity, she was placed in charge of Hive's residential access-way, which was a mansion located over top of the Hive utility and transit corridors. The Umbrella Corporation established a fake marriage between she and another security agent named Spence Parks, but as things turned out, the two actually became romantically involved with one another.


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