Category: Province
Planet: Earth
Continent: North America
Country: Canada
Points of interest: Calgary; Coalspur; Edmonton; Freehold

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Freehold is a small town located in the Columbia ice fields of Alberta. It was established by Samuel Sterns - the Leader, and developed as something of a biosphere designed to protect all within from the dangers of potential radioactive fallout. The Leader populated Freehold with the greatest scientific minds he could acquire, as well as those already suffered mutation as a result of radiation exposure. His goals were far from altruistic, however. With plans to set off nuclear Armageddon, the Leader intended on using Freehold as the last bastion of society that would rise to rule the Earth. The Leader placed Burt Horowitz, aka Omnibus, as the public face of Freehold. The organization known as the Riot Squad were also based out of Freehold.

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