Includes a list of characters, actors and production crew members whose first names are Albert.

Marvel Comics Edit

Albert robot 001

Albert was a robot built by Donald Pierce to resemble the mutant Wolverine. Along with another robot named Elsie Dee, who was a bomb housed within the form of a little girl, Pierce used Albert as a means of luring the true Wolverine into a trap. Elsie Dee, who had become self-aware, was the one who named the robot Albert, after Albert Einstein. Albert fought against the true Wolverine, but was no match for the mutant's ferocity. He later hacked into NSA files to find a way to override Elsie Dee's self-destruct programming so she wouldn't explode. Albert and Elsie Dee have also made alliances with the Hunter in Darkness and Bloodscream.
First appearance: Wolverine Vol 2 37

Other characters Edit

Actors Edit

Production Crew Edit

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