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Adam Kensington
Continuity: The 4400
Type: Minor character
Gender: Male
Race: Human
Base of operations: Washington
Status: Deceased
Born: Unknown
Died: 2004
1st appearance: 4400: Pilot
Actor: Garwin Sanford

Adam Kensington was a minor character featured in the television series The 4400. Played by actor Garwin Sanford, he appeared in the series' pilot episode. Adam Kensington was presented as the wealthy president of the Kensington & Bailey loan company and lived in a lavish estate in Madison Park, Washington. A former senior partner, Orson Bailey, who had been missing for more than twenty-five years turned up asking for Adam to bring him back into the company he helped to create. Kensington told Bailey that there was nothing he could do for him, so Orson went to his home late at night and used his bizarre 4400 ability to kill Adam.

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  • Had a maid named Anita.

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