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Adam Donner
Series: Arrow
Notability: Recurring character
Occupation: Lawyer
Gender: Male
Location: Starling City
Status: Alive
First: "City of Heroes"
Final: "Birds of Prey"
Actor: Dylan Bruce

Adam Donner is a fictional lawyer and a recurring character on the CW Network television series Arrow. Played by actor Dylan Bruce, he appeared in season two of the show, beginning with "City of Heroes". He made eight appearances in the series in total.

Biography Edit

Adam Donner was the assistant district attorney for Starling City. He worked for District Attorney Kate Spencer. Up-and-coming assistant D.A., Laurel Lance, worked under him. Adam Donner played a key role in the trial of Moira Queen, who was accused of playing a vital role in Malcolm Merlyn's massive undertaking to destroy The Glades. Donner sought the death penalty against Moira, but Laurel Lance played both sides in the hopes of getting Moira a more lenient sentence.

Adam Donner was kidnapped a notorious drug dealer known as the Count. While under the influence of the narcotic known as Vertigo, Adam Donner collapsed in court while cross examining Thea Queen at Moira's trial.

Adam later fired Laurel Lance, but rehired her in order to lure out the vigilante known as Helena Bertinelli, who had targeted her father, Frank Bertinelli for execution. Donner did not have the authority to reinstate Laurel, so Kate Spencer fired him from the D.A.'s office.

Notes & Trivia Edit

  • Adam Donner is a character who is exclusive to the continuity of the TV series Arrow and does not, as yet, have a counterpart in mainstream DC Comics continuity.
  • Once expressed a romantic interest in Laurel Lance, but she rebuffed his advances.

Appearances Edit

  1. Arrow: City of Heroes
  2. Arrow: Broken Dolls
  3. Arrow: Crucible
  4. Arrow: League of Assassins
  5. Arrow: State vs. Queen
  6. Arrow: Blast Radius
  7. Arrow: Blind Spot
  8. Arrow: Birds of Prey

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