"Who's Buried in Superman's Tomb?"
Action Comics 686
Action Comics
Title: "Who's Buried in Superman's Tomb?"
Storyline: "Funeral for a Friend"
Volume: 1
Number: 686
Cover price: $1.25
Cover date: February, 1993
Publisher: DC Comics
Editor-in-Chief: Jenette Kahn
Executive editor: Dick Giordano
Writers: Roger Stern
Pencilers: Jackson Guice
Inkers: Denis Rodier
Cover artists: Jackson Guice
Cover inker: Denis Rodier
Colorists: Glenn Whitmore
Letterers: Bill Oakley
Assistant editors: Jennifer Frank
Editors: Mike Carlin
Previous: Action Comics #685
Next: Action Comics #687

"Who's Buried in Superman's Tomb?" is the title to the 686th issue of the ongoing superhero comic book series Action Comics. It is the sixth chapter in the "Funeral for a Friend" crossover event. The story was written by Roger Stern with artwork by Jackson Guice and inks by Denis Rodier. Guice and Rodier also rendered the cover art illustration to this issue. The story was colored by Glenn Whitmore and lettered by Bill Oakley. It was edited by Mike Carlin with Jennifer Frank as assistant editor. This issue shipped with a February, 1993 cover date and carries a cover price of $1.25 per copy (US).

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