The Monster
Series A for Andromeda
Season 1, Episode 4
Air date October 24th, 1961
Writers Fred Hoyle
John Elliot
Director Michael Hayes
Producers Michael Hayes
Norman James
Starring Esmond Knight; Patricia Kneale; Peter Halliday; Noel Johnson; Julie Christie
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"The Miracle"
"The Murderer"

"The Monster" is the fourth episode of A for Andromeda and first aired on the BBC on October 24th, 1961.

Synopsis Edit

The scientists at Thorness continue to observe the protoplasmic life form that Doctor Dawnay has created. An amorphous mass of matter with one distinctive eye, the research team take to referring to the creature as "Cyclops". Doctor John Fleming continues to grow more concerned about the work being done at Thorness and feels that they should stop. He suspects that the computer they built is actually an artificial intelligence serving its own agenda, which may even include the subjugation of humanity.

Fleming sets up to two terminals on either side of the supercomputer, but soon realizes that the terminals are affecting the brainwaves of any person who stands between them, placing them into a dazed, hypnotic state. Doctor Dawnay's research assistant, Christine, falls within the sphere of influence of touches both of the terminals. She receives a massive electrical shock, which kills her instantly.

Cast Edit

Actor Role
Peter Halliday Doctor John Fleming
Noel Johnson J.M. Osborne
Julie Christie Christine
Mary Morris Madeleine Dawnay
Donald Stewart General Vandenberg
Esmond Knight Ernest Reinhart
Geoffrey Lewis Doctor Geers
John Hollis Kaufmann
Peter Henchie Egon
John Rowlands Lab assistant

Notes & Trivia Edit

  • The story is told in flashback from the recollection of Professor Ernest Reinhart.
  • Timeline moves to the year 1971.

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