Series The 4400
Season 2, Episode 8
4400 2x08 001
Air date July 31st, 2005
Writers Lisa Melamed
Director Milan Cheylov
Producers Ira Steven Behr; Scott Peters; Maira Suro
Starring Joel Gretsch; Jacqueline McKenzie; Mahershalalhashbaz Ali; Laura Allen; Patrick Flueger; Chad Faust; Conchita Campbell
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"Rebirth" is the eighth episode of season two of the American television series The 4400 and the thirteenth episode of the series overall. It was directed by Milan Cheylov and written by Lisa Melamed. It first aired on the USA Network on July 31st, 2005.

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Principal Cast Edit

Actor Role
Joel Gretsch Tom Baldwin
Jacqueline McKenzie Diana Skouris
Mahershalalhashbaz Ali Richard Tyler
Laura Allen Lily Moore [1]
Patrick Flueger Shawn Farrell
Chad Faust Kyle Baldwin
Samantha Ferris Nina Jarvis
Conchita Campbell Maia Rutledge

Guest Stars Edit

Actor Role
Garret Dillahunt Matthew Ross
Natasha Gregson Wagner April Skouris
Kaj-Erik Eriksen Danny Farrell
Chilton Crane Susan Farrell
Kavan Smith Jed Garrity
Luke Askew Lee Kendall
Hill Harper Edwin Mayuya
Ingrid Torrance Lucy
Beau Starr Ben Hunsiker
John R. Taylor Henry
Patricia Drake Doctor Hodler
Lovie Eli Helena
Brandi Alexander Alma
Suzette Meyers Newscaster
Myfanwy Meilen Anne Werth
Jode Graham Sebastian Werth
Matias Hacker Janitor
Michael Jonsson Cop

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  • Production code number: 208
  • Episode includes archival footage of Link Baker as young Lee Kendall.

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  1. Credited, but does not appear in this episode.

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