28 Days Later
28 Days Later 1A
Title: 28 Days Later
Publisher: Fox Atomic Comics
Boom! Studios
Type: Ongoing series
Years published: 2009-2011
Total issues: 24
Featuring: Selena; Acorn; Clint Harris; Derrick; Trina
Creators: Michael Alan Nelson; Alex Garland; Declan Shalvey; Marek Oleksicki; Nick Filardi; Ed Dukeshire; Matt Gagnon; Ian Brill; Tim Bradstreet

28 Days Later is an ongoing comic book limited series initially published by Fox Atomic Comics until its demise in 2009. The remainder of the series was published by Boom! Studios. Each issue shipped with alternate variant covers, some of which were retailer incentive covers, which, due to low distribution, fetches a higher cost value than the standard per issue cover price. The series began publication following the 2007 28 Days Later: The Aftermath graphic novel by HarperCollins. The book focuses on the character of Selena, a central figure from the 2002 film 28 Days Later and reveals elements of the character's past, as well as chronicling her adventures following the end of the film. The events from this series take place prior to the events of 28 Weeks Later, but have no other connection to the film.


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