"Dirty Jocks"
2000 AD 30
2000 A.D.
Title: "Dirty Jocks"
Volume: 1
Number: Prog 30
Cover price: .09 GBP
Cover date: September, 1977
Publisher: IPC Magazines, Inc.
Writers: Gerry Finley-Day; Pat Mills; John Wagner
Pencilers: Carlos Pino; Mike McMahon; Lopez-Vera; Dave Gibbons; Carlos Freixas
Inkers: Carlos Pino; Mike McMahon; Lopez-Vera; Dave Gibbons; Carlos Freixas
Cover artists: Brian Bolland
Cover inker: Brian Bolland
Letterers: Peter Knight; Tony Jacob; Jack Potter; Dave Gibbons; Tom Frame
Editors: Kelvin Gosnell
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Next: Prog 31

Prog 30 of the British science fiction anthology series 2000 A.D. was published on September 17th, 1977. It contains five unrelated stories of various characters and settings including "Dirty Jocks" by Gerry Finley-Day and Carlos Pino, "The Return of Rico" by Pat Mills and Mike McMahon, "Shako" by John Wagner and Lopez-Vera, "Legion" by Gerry Finley-Day and Dave Gibbons, and "UFO" by Pat Mills and Carlos Freixas.

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Notes & Trivia Edit

  • Judge Dredd's first name is revealed as "Joe" in this issue.

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